I've been struggling with Absolute Absolution the third and final in the Absolute series. It has been extremely difficult to focus and we all know that if I force it, the words will portray exactly that -- a forced scene and will read horribly. However, it must be done, so what I've decided is... I'm going to make myself sit down. It will be forced for the first little bit, then I know I'll get into it and change the forced bit later.

Where did I run into trouble? Well, previously I had written two decidedly different beginnings which of course led to two different outcomes, but in my infamous wisdom I decided to combine the two. Why, you ask?  Because one was exactly how I wanted it to be, but the reasons for it to happen just weren't strong enough to support the event and the other beginning was strong, but the outcome wasn't strong enough-- so the only logical thing was to combine the two.
You would think then everything was okay and I should be able to continue on.  Not so.  Combining those two beginnings was difficult to say the least as it brought on different timing mechanisms, ages, etc., but never mind that, the new beginning took the book into a third completely different direction, so now I need to create the new bridges that will pull all the scenes together and those bridges have to support every scene before it. Do you see why I'm struggling? Geez I  sure do. Oh well, back at it!

Have a great week.

Happy New Year everyone!  I hope you all had a wonderful holiday, now its time to get everything back to normal; the dreaded 5 day work week, not having enough time in the day to get everything accomplished, etc., etc..  

My holidays were wonderful especially when I was able to  complete a very large and secret project.  It's something that I'm not sure if I'm going to use C. Elizabeth or a different pseudonym, therefore I won't be going into detail about here yet.  What I can tell you is that just yesterday I queried out this project to four literary agencies and something that is unheard of in the publishing world happened -- not an hour later did I receive a response from one of them asking me to call them on Monday to discuss my project.  That is monumental and terrifyingting ability. 

Fingers and toes crossed along with prayers.

Have a great week!

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