Every novel starts with a premise/idea/fantasy and however it starts, it evolves with each letter and word written.  However, what happens when the evolution stumbles and you can't quite find the path your characters are talking about?  Is that considered writer's block?

A new world has been playing in my head for over a month now and I have written quite a bit of it, but have been struggling with vast parts and it was this past weekend when I realized why -- I was trying to write someone else's story at my convenience, not when they needed me to listen.  In essence, I was forcing them on stage and all that got me was storytelling at it's worse, there was no passion in the words, no emotion in the tone -- it was blah!

Was it writer's block?  I don't think so, I simply stopped listening -- that has since been corrected.  I'm armed with a pen and have ensured that paper, big and small, surround me, all at the ready for when Jolecia and Gavri speak.
Have a great day
We've all had moments where we didn't want to socialize with anyone and honestly, there is nothing wrong with wanting a little time alone, but what if that time alone isn't really being alone?

I'm referring to the zone.  The zone is the place that takes me into a completely different world and has me surrounded by a  new bunch of people, ones that set about telling me their stories.  Why am I bringing this up?  Well, the fact of the matter is, it has actually taken me this long to find balance when new characters make themselves known.

When Michael and Rose first entered the stage (and we all know at that time I wasn't sure if I was losing my mind or, well...that was pretty much what I thought) they and their cohorts  completely consumed me, taking over my psyche and throwing the balance in my own life off kilter.  However, in time, I was able to find the balance.  I can now decide which world I want to or need to be in, which "zone" requires my attention the most and even sometimes be in two places at once... figure that one out. Ha ha.

Have a great day.
As a writer I am often asked what inspires me and as you all know it is my characters that help move me along.  Now another question popped up a couple weeks ago "where or how could someone find inspiration?".  When that question was posed to me I stumbled on my answer and it was only after it was too late that the answer came to me.

Inspiration isn't something you can look for, as a matter of fact, I can almost guarantee that looking for it will produce the exact opposite result.  It isn't something that can be found in one certain place and I believe that if you're looking for it, you will never find it, it will evade you like the plague.  That's not to say it'll never find you.  Inspiration can be a billboard that you see along the highway, it can be a comment in passing, it can even be a look someone gives you.  Inspiration is as individual as the person itself.  The trick is, you have to be able to recognize it when it does hit.  Remember this: inspiration is but a fleeting moment in time and it's up to you to capture it.

Have a great day.
I was at a wedding this past weekend for my friend's daughter.  It was a beautiful ceremony and a very lovely reception.  The bride, of course, looked beautiful, the groom was very handsome and all had good time, including myself.

As I watched the traditional evening unfold I couldn't help but smile and feel all tingly inside when I saw how the bride and groom looked at each other during their first dance as husband and wife, their little smitten glances -- you couldn't slap the smiles off their faces as they both gazed, yes gazed, into each other's eyes.

It was wonderful to see such young love. It brought me back in time, jogging the memory of what it feels like when you find new love -- the butterflies that dance in your tummy in anticipation of seeing them, hanging on every word they say while they tell you about their dreams and desires, wanting to give them everything, including your soul. It's a time when you feel free, when the future holds everything and the world is at your fingertips.  Ahhh! Young love.

Contrats sweethearts!

Have a great day.

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