First off, Happy St. Patrick's Day -- the top of the morning to you!

This past week, as with all others, I went to the gym like a good little girl and worked my bloody ass off!  Yes for the past two months I've seen changes in the form of my bod and things shifted around, but it was only this past week that I finally saw something that I had set out to do -- the layer of fat over my "girly" six-pack is dispensing.  Yay!!!  It, not like a man's washboards, that would be gross, is taking shape; my hard work is paying off!

Yes, this makes me happy, but not as much as the blessings in my life.  Those blessing, my kids, grandbabies, all the people I hold dear (even ones that don't even know it), are never overshadowed by my wants -- my life without those blessing wouldn't be and they are what make me get up in the morning and feel good.

Have a great week.




Life always has a way of throwing us curves, Lord knows I've had a few thrown at me these past few weeks and it's the same for characters of a Novel.  Take for instance that huge secret novel that I was writing... No I'm not revealing anything about it.  Anyway, take for instance that one.  It was finished as far as I was concerned and even sent out to agents.  However, a couple of weeks ago, on a Wednesday night at exactly 2:36 a.m., I bolted up with the characters charging at me like bulls, heads down, beady eyes glaring, complete with steam coming out of their noses.  Talk about stand up and pay attention.

Well, that's what I've been working on, the concept and plot are the same but the characters are insisting they are presented on a deeper personal level and being their narrator it must be done.  Honestly, I'm quite liking the way they are coming across -- they're like a box of dark, sweet chocolate.

Sorry Michael and Rose, I see you in the back behind the curtain.  You will be my number one priority, just let me get these trouble makers out of my head.

Have a great week.

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