The day is fast approaching that Absolute Obsession is going to be out for the world to read.  So instead of focusing on the riot of emotions that are trying to beat each other into submission to take over control of my reality, I thought maybe I would sit here...drumming my fingers...waiting for someone to say something...anything...hello!  Hello! Hello!  ...hmm pointing up...hmm checking "comment" button...hmm, it works...hmm! 

Emotions win!

Have a great week end, the next time we talk, I will officially be a published author.
If there's a book you really want to read but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it.  ~Toni Morrison

I found the above quote appropriate...because you see, after sending the final edits in for Absolute Obsession, a small idea formed..but it was such a small idea, I really thought nothing of it, assuming that it would evolve slowly (what do they say about "assume" - it makes an "ass
out of u and me").  So the next day when I got up and gathered my things for work, my laptop was not amongst them, only my marketing binder - - Big...Big...Huge...Mistake!

Somewhere between leaving the house and getting to work, Michael and Rose ambushed me - index finger tapping chin, hmmm - I think maybe it was just before the LRT station.  Once again every character came charging at me with words, actions, the plots, the theme and even the ending...and as I said - I no longer question, I here I am again, frantically trying to keep balance and write down their story as accurately as possible, praying that my words will translate their emotions and feelings so as to jump off the page for  you.  Could Absolute Obsession become a series?  Only time will tell.  Here we go again - - c'mere my old friend - hugging my thesaurus.

Have a great day.
No I didn't spell "love" wrong, that's how Michael says it.  These are interesting and very difficult to write.

You can't just pick a spot in the novel and say "hey a love scene might go good here" and plunk one in,  That's along the same lines as "forcing".  A love scene needs to be set up and it can take many chapters to get you there and as you're writing the last few paragraphs that lead to that crucial moment, there is a clear picture in your mind as to what you want to happen and then you have to describe it in such a way that that picture is as clear to your readers as it is to you - the words you use depend on your comfort level.  It quite amazes me, when I look back, how much research I did, wanting my novel to be "show not tell".  For me the love scenes had to be tasteful, but still give you...well something and I tried hard to find soft words that had a lot of meaning in them and packed a powerful punch but still didn't take away from the love that it was solidifying... hard to do (yes these are those very evasive words - they are the ones that have the most emotion attached to them - lots of keyboard indents on forehead when searching for them).  I hope that when you meet Michael and Rose, I have been able to show you what my mind's eye sees...not just the physical but the love and emotions that go along with it.

Have a Great Day
ps.  Right now all my kids are going "ewwwww!!!!"   
I hope that everyone had an amazing weekend.  You will be happy to know that all edits on Absolute Obsession are completed and it is in the hands of the powers at be.

It was brought to my attention by my middle daughter that I should talk a little more about who I am - my children bring lots of things to my attention whether I want to hear them or not - I myself thought telling all of cyber space that, as a writer, there was the distinct possibility I was nuts would do - - apparently not.

Well you all know a little about how my mind works when I'm in writer mode and it pretty much works the same in real life with one exception - I'm a little more aware of my real surroundings, which is a good thing - well so they tell me.   When I started writing I very much hid away and because the words were coming so fast, I questioned myself and what exactly it was that I was doing.  The most important question for me and probably still is for quite a few people is "where did it come from?"  It's another question that an answer has not yet been forthcoming and probably never will be, I have come to terms with it - - it's simply a case where a novel chose me, nothing more.  I am very much in love with this new passion I have found and am very blessed to still have new words, characters and plots finding me -there is more to come -- I now don't question it - I simply write it.

Have a great day.
Well since I teased you so much yesterday, I thought maybe I would tell you a little bit about Michael and Rose, not too much, because I want you to form your own opinion once you meet them.

Rose suffers from 
pre-menopausal exhaustion and is a loving wife and mother who loses herself in a self-created fantasy realm while reading a book.  She is completely consumed by thoughts of the hero and possibly certifiably nuts. At least that’s what she thinks when Michael seeps into her dreams reeking havoc on her emotions and mind.

Michael is an inhumanely beautiful, Ireland born, Britain transplant and is a desired movie star, not to mention a hot head in his own right. He cares little for the attention his fame brings him and most definitely never risks his heart, that is -- until Rose.

Let me know what you think - - does it make you want more?  I hope so.

Have a great day and a wonderful Easter.
Well, do you want to know?  Whose Michael?  Whose Rose?  Who are their most trusted friends or in Michael's case - - mates? Rose's family?  - - rubbing my hands together, wickedly laughing...ahahahahahaha...only I have the answer!  Alright, maybe it's not just me that has those answers, I have allowed other people to read the manuscript - laughing wickedly jealous are you?  Oh alright!  Enough with the "mad scientist" routine, I'll be serious.  What I will let you know are the comments I've received from those who I did finally allow to read it:

From my daughter, S. who hates reading, she even wrote a note, which doesn't happen often:  "Amazing...truly amazing Mom!" -- I kept the note.

My middle daughter, J.H. who is a reader, huge reader!:  "Wow!  It was a one nighter, I mean a 3:30 in the morning on a work night - - all I can say is they had better pick the right Michael when they make the movie!"  My response to that was, "can we at least get it out of my computer and on paper first?"

From my friend and school teacher, J. "An amazing accomplishment... .  Love, love the quotes... ."  She also said that the appearance of the supp0rting characters brought even more depth to Rose and Michael and was very drawn to Rose's strengths.

Yes, these are very much self-promoting, but without them where would I be?  The beautiful thing is, it wasn't just the direct comments about the novel, it was also the people who supported me, never questioning what I was doing, even though they had no idea what it was.  When you think about it, if you don't have the woo hoo/thumbs up from the people you love...really, why would you strive for anything more?  My hope is to get rave reviews from outside sources on Absolute Obsession, so that my characters will come alive in as many peoples' minds as the world will allow, where they will leave a piece of themselves  - - expanding their horizons.  However, for and friends will have always been the first...the real...when Michael, Rose and the rest, came alive in the minds of the people I love...there's nothing truer than that.

To my Mom:  Your words are more absolute than any...thank you for teaching me such passion...for showing me that words are amazing and allowing me keep my imagination - something I strived to teach the kids...something that I hung onto...because of you.

Everyone have a great day
Last night while doing some requested edits to Absolute Obsession, it was hard not to reminisce how some of the dialogue and scenes had come about as I went through the words.  It was fun creating Michael and Rose's world, but Michael...ohh Michael...his brain was very difficult to get into and when Michael's voice would finally make a presence, a pen and paper had better be in hand or he would be gone as fast as he showed up...needless to say I lost him on numerous occasions.  However, when I was prepared for his ambushes, the words presented themselves in such a way there would be no need for edits, unless someone tried to talk or disrupt me.  In those instances Michael would very often sneek out the back door, taking with him my train of thought -- me glaring at the unfortunate person who spoke to me.

 See how we think -- and you thought I was fooling when I said that some people could think..."hmm, a few cards short of a deck?"

Have a great day.
It's in one's mind that characters come alive and places you have never seen before form into memories, especially when you read a good novel.  Those novels are the ones that you know the author was in each and every written it.  Anyone can put words on a piece of paper, the trick is to be able to write those words with an emotion that will leap off the page, landing in the heart and soul of the reader.  How often have we picked up a book and couldn't get into it.  Now that doesn't mean that the book wasn't good, it's just not something you could get into, but it could also be something more - maybe the characters and plot were forced - meaning that even the author struggled to get the feelings across.  Readers cannot be fooled, you can detect almost immediately when a story is forced - hence many a book that sits on the kitchen counter or coffee table with the bookmark still in its pages never to be picked up again.

The one thing that excites me the most is having Michael with his quirky entourage
 and Rose with her very strong family, come alive in my readers' minds.  They have been very much part of my life and if they take you to the realm they continuously took me [yup, that crazy place], then I have succeeded in my journey.

Have a great Day.
There are two quotes very early in Absolute Obsession that very much relate to the chapters they represent, but they also describe a writer very well.

The other day, one of my bosses mentioned how some writers will go off to a secluded place, such as a cabin, to write.  Unfortunately for some of us, we don't have those types of places to go, so we do the next best thing, we build our minds.  To outside eyes we probably seem to be someone who is most definately off their rocker, but in reality we are exactly where the readers will be when they read the novel...lost, listening, hearing, conspiring, feeling, hurting, loving, crying...we just don't have the paper in front of us  to prove where we are!  So before you brand us a few cards short of a deck, remember - in that cabin within us, the voices of our characters are loud and clear, making it easier for them to be heard on the pages of a book.  So I say with passion and conviction:

"Why don't you just sit down, close your eyes and invent your own world?
When you were little you did, even with your eyes open.

- Axel Hacke - Little King December

I have my own little world, but it's okay - they know me here.

- Author Unknown"

Have an amazing day and week-end.

To my scottish friend, to answer your question - the word was   "abide".  I know, pretty simple now, but at the time it was a word that completely escaped me and only because I needed it -Murphy's Law?  I say "Writer's Law" - a word will never evade you more than when you try to attach an emotion to it. 
Last night while I was writing and searching frantically on the thesaurus for just the right hit me, another discovery about myself....I love words!  As the proper word jumped off the page at me (this happens often - its one of those "eureka!" moments) I couldn't help but question myself - how could someone my age manage to get so far in life and know so little about one's self?  It was quite an insightful  question and one that I, at that moment, didn't want the answer to - my brain was already on overload.  So I logged it away for another day and hopefully it will stay where I put it and not nag me to death for the answer.  Have a great day.  

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