Last Friday I came home from San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico.  I spent a wonderful six days at my mom's home there and I have to say, I love the people!  They are the most passionate bunch I have ever met, they always have a smile for you and an "Ola" and the way the media has tainted the whole country is horrible.  Yes, certain areas you must stay away from, but that's true for any vacation you may take abroad, common sense is a must and Mexico is no exception.  The sad thing out of all of it is these wonderfully loving people are the one's getting caught in the crossfire.

My first day there we met a young man named Ernesto on the beach.  He sells silver jewellery from his knapsack and black display case he had tucked under his arm.  He was incredibly sweet and instead of continuing on to sell his wares, he hunkered down on the sand and told us how he had just moved from Mazatlan to live with his brother in Cabo, because Mazatlan was a deserted tourist spot, no one's going there anymore and he couldn't make a living.  We continued to talk for an hour or more, him giving us a Spanish lesson and we returned the favour by helping him with his English and even though he could have been bitter about how things were, he remained thankful, citing the fact that there were people far worse off than he was.

On my first day in a new country that could very well be facing financial ruin, a young man with enormous passion and love of family, reminded me what was truly important – thank you Ernesto, we truly could learn a lesson from you and your people.

Have a great day.
When someone finds out that I'm a writer, the very next question, 100% of the time, is "what do you write about?" or "what type of novel is it?" and no matter how the question is posed, it's always the same answer, "it's a romance".  Not once have I turned red with embarrassment when I've uttered those words, nor have I quickly glanced down, while sweeping my toe across the ground, as if I have been caught doing something wrong -- I WRITE ROMANCE! (Sorry didn't mean to yell.)

Even though over 60% of book sales are within the romance genre, readers still feel the need to hide the fact that they love them.  Why is that?  Why is there such a stigma attached to words that can take the reader on a journey that will have them believing in true love again, that chivalry hasn't died, that life can hold happiness, that dreams can come true?  Why is such a wonderful experience for each reader such a horrible admittance when they're asked "hey, watcha reading?"?

I don't want any readers to feel like they have to hide when they read my book or any romance novel for that matter, there really isn’t anything to be ashamed of and honestly, I hope one day, while I’m standing in a line or on a plane or sitting in a waiting room, that I spot someone reading Absolute Obsession – that would make my year and beyond.
Have a great day.
There are two holidays every year that we throw the rules out the window.  Christmas and Easter.  They are the days that we allow ourselves and our kids to eat chocolate and candy for breakfast. 

Nothing is as wonderful to see the kids' little faces when they find all the treats the Easter Bunny left them, how excited they get when their baskets are filled to the brim with jelly beans, chocolate Easter eggs and the like.  Easter is a day for families to gather and have a great feast, visit, and yes, of course, laugh -- what fun!

However, let's not forget the real reason why the Easter Bunny graces our homes every year.  It is the day that draws attention to one of the most important things that we should all practice everyday -- forgiveness.  Let's not fail Him.

Have a great day and great Easter! 
We've all experienced receiving flowers at some point in our lives, along with that little 3 x 5 card that has something inspiring, apologetic and/or nice written on it.

Those written words recall a personal story between the giver and the receiver's life, perhaps to bring a new beginning, or maybe it's an apology because words were too hard to come by, maybe it's congratulatory, or maybe it's an ending.  There are a million reasons for that little card to be cradled within the leaves of a bouquet and if, in your life time, you were to collect an array of those card from all different walks of life and people, oh what a story that would tell -- to catch a peak into a moment of someone's life -- a moment that has been summed up with a few words written on a 3 x 5 card.

Have a great day.

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