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I have received good and bad reviews and with each I have tried to take something from them. 

Of course I love reading the good reviews and as for the bad, not so much -- it's very difficult to read those ones. I know I often say that this business is subjective, but it still doesn't hurt any less when someone doesn't like your work.

When you write a book or novel it becomes your baby, you've poured your heart and soul into each word and plot that comes alive on the page - not only that, those characters and places exist in your mind and when someone slams it/them, they are in essence attacking something/someone you love and your first reaction is to protect it/them.  That's when you have to take a deep breath, take some time to let it sink in, then move on.  In the short time I've been writing there is one more thing I've learned   -- I don't have to justify Michael, Rose of any of them, to anyone, they stand on their own two feet quite well.

Have a great day.
Well actually, I have many friends, but only one who is a newbie like me, in getting published.  Laura's book comes out on Wings in September. we are crossing our fingers it will be September 1, 2011, it's called Altered. 

Laura had emailed me a couple months back after getting her contract, asking me about my book cover for Absolute and the rest is history.  She has been my confidante when things aren't going well, a shoulder when I needed to vent and has become an inspiration for me always lifting me up when things go awry.  I feel like I've known her my whole life, yet we have never met in person, but we're growing up together in this new world of publishing -- she holds my hand when needed, cheers me on with each accomplishment, lifts my spirits when they're down and encourages me.  Not that my other friends and family don't do that, they are my best supporters. However, Laura knows the frustrations, ups and downs being a first time published author -- when I vent she knows of which I speak, neither of us have to explain ourselves, we simply know from the tone of our emails. 

Thank you Laura Burks, my new friend, you are an inspiration.
Have a great day
It was an interesting day for me yesterday. I sat out on my deck all day, in the beautiful sunshine, writing and about half way through the day, it hit me... Summer was almost over.  I looked out at my flower gardens and pots, it felt like I had just planted them.  With our fingers crossed, we may still have a good month and half left, but our nights will start getting quite chilly, leaving us to watch the weather a little closer for fear of falling below zero and when it happens, being good Albertans, we'll cover all those flower pots and any vegitables left in the garden with the old sheets we keep for such an occassion.  However, it may be an early fall this year, some of the leaves are already turning colour and we get to look forward to the next season. One of the nice things about living here, is we get all four seasons -- not just a hint of one, but full blown seasons.

Why does it seem like the older we get, the faster time goes?

Have a great day.
There are many ways to write: first person, second person, third person and with each type there are rules that must be followed.  I don't know very much about the rules for second and third person, but for first person I know some, maybe more than the average bear. Regardless, it's still confusing. You see, you have write dialogue in the present tense and all other narration has to be written in past tense.  Not always so easy.

When your fingers are flying across the keyboard it's very easy to start narrating your characters' stories in the present tense, but you have to remember you must tell the story as if it has already happened, therefore it is always told past tense.  A trick I learned is to envision that, as I'm telling the story (not the dialogue, that is presented in present tense) I am sitting around a campfire, telling a group of people. This helps me to stay in the past tense while writing.

I prefer writing in first person, simply because you can really truly get into the heads of the characters and pass it onto the readers. The story is not being told by someone who is looking upon the scene, but by someone who is living in the scene, someone who was there to translate for you the feelings, looks, movements, and the like of everyone around.  To me, that is pulling the reader in, so they too, are standing right beside me as I tell the story.

Have a great day and weekend.
Character development, how does it work?  I'm no expert by any means, but I'll let you know what I've learned thus far.

Until you get to know each individual character personally, your book won't go too far. Why? Because you have to be able to ask yourself continuously how that character would react in a specific situation that has been presented to them (or has been revealed by them to you).  Each character has different characteristics and it must come across the page for the reader. You need to know the inner workings, mind set and physical capability of each of them, so as to portray it to the reader and not end up having everyone sound the same or act the same way. 

Do I know Michael, Rose, Jerry, Brant, Serena, Alexis, Anna, and the rest? Yes, inside and out. Why do you think it will be so hard to let them go, when the trilogy is done - they are the ones that showed me my passion.
Not to say there isn't others speaking to me. It will be fun introducing them.

Have a great day. 
You would think that how Absolute Obsession began at the end, logically, because it is a series, it should have started from the very end. As you know it didn't and Michael and Rose have revealed each novel in their own good time, always revealing the ending first. When you think about it, how crazy is that? I always knew what the outcome of every twist and turn was, before I knew how that outcome came to be.  The same is happening for the third and final instalment of the Absolute series, though its bouncing around a little more than the first two. What I mean by that is, they have taken me through all the endings of each chapter and have yet to reveal how those endings came about.

So just imagine what I have to work with, I have a bunch of chapters with endings and no beginnings. Now don't get me wrong, there are some beginnings, but most, not so much. Who writes like that? Here's hoping Michael and Rose know where each begins. Yikes!

Have a great day.
We all have a passion for something, now whether you find it is another story. Upon looking back, I realized that I had been searching and didn't even know it. You see, I had dabbled in numerous things, such as:

1.  Photography: I actually got pretty good at it and I still enjoy it, but it was something that after a little while it didn't hold my attention.

2.  Drawing: I did okay with this too, but eventually, again, got bored.

3.  Dancing: I took a few lessons, loved it, but again never went back to it.

...and the list goes on and on.

I was blessed, having heard a calling and was able to jump at it.  I find it truly amazing how passionate I am about writing. It's like a small fire that burns inside, enticing you to come closer to the warmth and hear what the characters what to tell you.

I wish that for you.  Have a great day.
It's been quite an interesting couple of weeks. I've found Michael and Rose again, big time! My middle daughter got married to a wonderful man in Jasper and I've learned two more things about myself.

The first being, I'm a horrible passenger in a vehicle, which leads me to the second thing.

My understanding is this: when you are on the highway, you stay in the right lane unless you are passing, no matter how fast you are going (and of course you never speed). My biggest pet peeve is someone who stays in the left lane dawdling along, not caring if someone passes them on the right -- how rude!  Stay in the right lane unless passing and once you have passed, move back to the right lane, basically, get the out of the way.  Wow, now I feel better that I got that off my chest. It's always interesting when you learn something new about yourself.

Have a great day.
Well, emphatically Michael and Rose have finished telling me the second half and it has been submitted to Wings ePress Inc.. Let's pray and cross our fingers they accept the newly vamped story. I am a little scared and gun shy that it won't be accepted.

Absolute Obstruction turned out to be quite the story and the changes that were made were incredible and I can say that it is something I am very proud of.  The neat thing is, you get to really know the others, Jerry, Serena, Brant, and a few new one's too.  They all have a little more description to them and a little more of their personalities shine through.

Serena and Michael go head to head often, like we didn't know that was coming with their personalities, Jerry and Serena's relationship steps up a notch, much to Michael's chagrin -- don't worry he continues to try and stop it and you get to know Brant a little more.  It's going to be fun.  

Have a great day.  
I've talked often about being in the zone, listening to the characters to the point that everything else around you is white noise.

I learned something this past week -- real life affects the way I write and in turn affects the way Rose and Michael tell their story. Allow me to explain.

While I was up early everyday, I sat beside the ocean listening to the waves crashing, they in turn tuned me into the  words being dictated to me by the clan, as if the ocean was their microphone. For two or three hours I was able to write with no interuptions, no having to make a meal, no having to answer a phone, it was me and them and after those three hours or so, when people would come around and talk or ask questions, I was able to focus on real life, but never lost Michael and Rose. They moved off to a corner in my mind, patiently waiting for my attention.  And when the time came, I was able to pick up right where I left off, back in their world 100%, Michael taking Rose's hand, leading them back to center stage, their voices clear and understandable. It was an amazing discovery for me...if I'm able to go deep into their world for a short time with no interruptions, they will be patient for my attention...if not, they yell.

The second book, Absolute Obstruction, is ready to be resubmitted, thanks to a cabin in my mind that was real when I was by the ocean. By the way, Michael and Rose luved it there -- as did I.

Have a great day.

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