Another Article I wrote as first published by Blogcritics -- enjoy:

When we hear the phrase “over the rainbow” it automatically summons the thought of somewhere unreachable, perhaps even untouchable, yet we all hope it exists, some even believe that it does. What if “over the rainbow” did exist? What if it wasn’t a mere fabrication from a song, but an inspiration for reality? If that’s true, we must look at the phrase in a completely different light.

To be able to fly, we must grow wings and to grow wings, we must listen carefully to that which can take us there – our intuition. When we’re young, we have intuition abound, then as we grow up, we’re constantly told, taught and advised to use our brain, not to listen to that little voice that has our gut rolling.

We all find contentment in our lives as time goes on, never questioning, nor doubting and settle into our lives as we know it, in other words a routine, regardless of who we are or what walk of life we come from, our lives are...our lives. However the difference between the average and the movers and shakers, is the ability to feel outside that life. The question is, are you willing?

Can you step out of that comfort zone to challenge your normal? Are you willing to take the other road to find the dream, even though at that moment, it’s the unknown to you?

If you can, I will guarantee that you'll throw your world off kilter and in a moment, it may seem dire to all who are in your life and to the ones you love. Yet if you have patience and understanding on your side, the rocks, dust and stones will slowly disappear, leaving behind a smooth path, where you can tug on the hands of those you love, enticing them to follow and eventually you won’t need to wish upon a star to fly over the rainbow.

Since I was invited to attend the New York Pitch Conference in September, I've been focusing on finishing my Paranormal Romance, Shadows to Eternity.  It's the one I plan on pitching in New York.  

This past weekend was spent doing what you all know I love doing.... not!  The dreaded query/book blurb or as the conference calls it, the pitch that I will present to them the first day there and as alwasy, it never ceases to amaze me how sometimes the words can flow like melted butter and other times they... well they just don't like me that much.  The latter is what happened this weekend -- I couldn't put a sentence together if my life depended on it, needless to say it was frustrating as hell.  But then I realized, as always eventually do, that I had to change my thought process.  You see, when writing you get so caught up in writing it one certain way that you lose sight of what it is you were actually trying to write and with that, I managed to get the first draft of the pitch written.  I'll leave it for a couple of days, then go back to it and when I do... I'll hate every word and start all over -- ah!  The life of a writer.

Have a great day.

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