Well, the New York Pitch Conference is looming and I've managed to finish everything... I think.  It's quite possible that isn't true, simply because the second I review the Pitch again, it may change.  Fingers crossed that it doesn't.

Now onto the other good news;  my YA Paranormal Romance, Soul Control will be published in December, 2012.  Life has blessed me with wonderful people and no matter how busy I get with writing -- it is my passion and exactly what I asked for.  It truly can't any better than this.  Watch for the book cover, the blurb and teaser for Soul Control, in the next couple of weeks.

Wishing you all the dream you never you knew you had, because, I'm living proof it can happen.

Have a great week!
The tears are falling... a world has been brought together, characters' lives have been documented and it is only with these two words that their world and their lives can come alive in the readers' minds... "The End".  Gavri and Jolecia's tale in Shadows to Eternity has been written!

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