As another year closes, a new one begins and many of us will reflect on the past 365 days, while others will simply move on to the next day.  I, myself, will reflect.

This last year brought some exceptional joys, some new beginnings, new people to cherish in my life and some untimely endings.  Happiness, sadness, joy and heartache, seemed to be the theme, but then again all of us endure that every year -- it is what we take from the resulting emotion that will determine who we are in 2014.

In light of that:

Lord, grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, the courage to change the things we can, and wisdom to know the difference.

This I wish for all of you and don't forget to look for the miracles all around you -- they are there, you just need to open your heart and soul to see them. 

Have an incredible New Year.



Not only our family, but the world, lost a beautiful soul -- Love you, miss you my beautiful Niece

Chrissy’s Poem

 Left behind to decipher the logic, a seemingly momentous task.
Though we may never understand such impossibility.
One thing could never be masked.  

She was light when things were heavy.
A smile where, by rights, should a frown be.
A quip that would shake your belly in laughter
A warming touch that lingered lovingly.

A life cut short by our mere human standards.
A ship, with one soul, has fallen; the shipman would wise.
Yet, not only does she live on in the Kingdom.
She lives on in the souls that merely touched her with their eyes.

Love Auntie


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