Striving to be you

Have you ever really wondered who you are? I don’t mean are you a nice person, are you kind to others, do you gossip, are you one to rant and rave at other drivers… Not that kind of stuff. Have you ever truly looked beyond the above ground emotions, your abilities, accomplishments, failures? Someone’s perception is a broad spectrum — if you were to write a book with a character exactly as you are, would that character show their flaws (your flaws) or would that character always come out shining above the rest — that would be your perception of yourself. Now, if someone else was to write a character exactly like you, I can guarantee that character wouldn’t be someone you would recognize. The perception you have of yourself is, nine times out of ten, completely different than how other people see you. I ask, could you write a character in the true light of yourself?

Have a great day.