Spring on it’s way

Do you realize that it’s already the middle of April?  Mind you, I’ve heard over and over again from most people that this past winter seemed exceptionally long.  It did too me as well, even though we never really got the first real snow fall, that stayed, until late November. Oh well, we’re now on the tail end and can look forward […]

Misinterpretation and Consequence

As a writer, it’s important, when writing our characters’ stories, that we use descriptive words to give the reader facial expressions, tone of voice, stance, demeanor, everything for them to read the scene in its entirety.  However, in the real world, face to face conversation is not always possible, therefore we turn to social media.  We text, we email, and IM, and […]

Why You Should Consider an Appointment with Personal Insurance Brokers Ontario

Should you take advantage of personal insurance brokers Ontario? Without a doubt, you would be doing yourself a favor to do exactly that. The question that you have to ask yourself is what type of insurance coverage you currently have and how well does that match up with what you really need? If you already have plenty of coverage and you know that you don’t need anymore, you might be in good shape. However, if you are like most people there is every chance that you either don’t have anywhere near the amount of coverage that you need or you haven’t updated your policy in several years. This means it is probably time for it to be updated so that you can make sure everything is in order. In that case, it is time for you to visit some personal insurance brokers in the area so that you can find out exactly where you stand when it comes to the various policies that you have.

Insurance is extremely complicated in most cases. That is why it is so important that you work with some personal insurance brokers that are knowledgeable about the business. If you try to sort through everything on your own, it is possible to miss things that are vitally important. You might think that you have enough coverage when you actually don’t. Worse yet, you could be under the assumption that you will be covered under a wide variety of different circumstances when your policy simply isn’t designed to meet those obligations in the first place. If you think that you are covered and then find out that you are not covered under the given circumstances, it can derail your entire financial future, not to mention making day-to-day life extremely difficult for you and your loved ones.

Insurance brokers are trained to work with you on a one-on-one basis. They are able to sit down with you and go over your current policies, as well as understand your current financial situation and how that compares to your goals for the future. By doing this, they can help you come up with a plan that is far more effective in getting you the coverage that you need than you would be able to do without their assistance. If you attempt to get everything squared away without enlisting their help, you could either find yourself in a situation where you simply don’t have the coverage you need or in some cases, where you are paying for countless numbers of policies when you could streamline all of them and save money in the long run.

Most people don’t really enjoy the idea of visiting with insurance brokers but it is one of those necessary things that people simply have to do in life in order to be responsible for themselves and their loved ones. If you have had some policies that you had questions about or you simply haven’t updated anything in several years, do not hesitate to contact some personal insurance brokers and set up an appointment. Once it is over, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that you are doing everything you can to protect not only your own financial well-being, but also that of your family.

Happy New Year

As another year closes, a new one begins and many of us will reflect on the past 365 days, while others will simply move on to the next day.  I, myself, will reflect. This last year brought some exceptional joys, some new beginnings, new people to cherish in my life and some untimely endings.  Happiness, sadness, joy and heartache, seemed to be […]

Crossing Paths

We’ve all heard those stories of people who met and instantly felt the connection deep within, soul mates if you will, but inevitably had to separate due to the timing in their lives.I often wonder if such situations are a cruel joke being played by the hands of fate.  However, what if it’s the opening scene to the rest of their life?  A chance meeting that inevitably […]

Summer’s Promise

Remember when summer vacation lasted a life time? We spent our summer holidays in BC and one summer in particular stands out.  The one where I met that infamous boy, John, at a dance.  Wow!  So many years ago, yet my heart still flutters when I think about him sitting across from me.  He was drop dead gorgeous.  Yes, the same boy every girl wanted to get […]


Yes, it’s been a while since I’ve posted and I really have to get back to it — so this is the beginning of the… beginning.  🙂As of late, it seems that I’m a magnet for people who are in situations that we all find ourselves in once in awhile; having to make a hard choice/decision and in some instances not necessarily hard, just […]

Misinterpretation Abound

I, like the rest of the world, use social media and as my die hard fans know, it sometimes drives me crazy.  There are two things in this world as of right now (which could easily switch up in the next half an hour or so) that are on my attack list.Number One; when I send a book to someone for free […]

A Mind on a Roll

To start with Happy belated Easter, I hope everyone had a great week-end.Have you wondered how many thoughts one person can have in a twenty four hour period?  Neither have I. Mind you it would be very scary if someone were to poke around in my cerebellum looking for just that answer.Imagine some unknown stalking about inside my brain.  What they would […]

I Finally See It!

First off, Happy St. Patrick’s Day — the top of the morning to you!This past week, as with all others, I went to the gym like a good little girl and worked my bloody ass off!  Yes for the past two months I’ve seen changes in the form of my bod and things shifted around, but it was only this […]