A Mind on a Roll

A Mind on a Roll

To start with Happy belated Easter, I hope everyone had a great week-end.

Have you wondered how many thoughts one person can have in a twenty four hour period?  Neither have I. 

Mind you it would be very scary if someone were to poke around in my cerebellum looking for just that answer.

Imagine some unknown stalking about inside my brain.  What they would find is a horde of characters arguing and fighting for my attention — no form, no distinction, just a whole lot of really big muscular, drop dead gorgeous men, all sweaty, throwing their muscles around and then there’s the voluptuous, sexy, curvy women, cracking out the claws and hair pulling, fighting for their man…

Hey!  Wait a minute!  Some unknown poking about in my head?  That happens all the time, how the heck do you think the fights started?  That’s my normalacy!  Oh well!  All the newbie has to do is whip up some funky martial-arts dance and dive head first into the fight club — then they would be successfully added to the list of characters that make up my stories.

I know!  Either you want my brain transplanted in yours or you want to lock me up and throw away the key.  But you can’t!  Ha!

Hope I made you laugh.  Have a great week.