Yes, it’s been a while since I’ve posted and I really have to get back to it — so this is the beginning of the… beginning.  🙂

As of late, it seems that I’m a magnet for people who are in situations that we all find ourselves in once in awhile; having to make a hard choice/decision and in some instances not necessarily hard, just a decision that would see their personal world change (not to the magnitude of the sky falling; just maybe someone new coming into their life that adds a little twist to their world.)

Now, that’s nothing new in itself, but what is astonishing is that, so far, all, regardless of excellent advice given or a good pro/con scenario presented, either stayed on the fence walking that tightrope, refusing to go one way or the other or worse, they steadfast hung back in their comfort zone when no guarantee of the outcome was promised.  It seems that the fear of the unknown is guiding us more often than not and very few want to wander from the path they are on.

This brings to me to my question; whatever happened to faith?  Not in the sense of going to church, but in the sense of reaching out, doing something without over analysing it, without wanting the answers before the questions are asked — what if a decision you have to make could bring a lot of hurt, but could just as easily bring you a lot of happiness?  Either way your life is changed, so you stay where you are, in the life you know. 

Whatever happened to…

Taking a leap of faith?  Believe me, you can’t live if you’re afraid to die.

Have a great week.