Misinterpretation Abound

Misinterpretation Abound

I, like the rest of the world, use social media and as my die hard fans know, it sometimes drives me crazy.  There are two things in this world as of right now (which could easily switch up in the next half an hour or so) that are on my attack list.

Number One; when I send a book to someone for free and at my cost with a promise that they will give me feedback and don’t.  Its very maddening.  Not that I expect a written review on a grand scale, just something to my personal email will do.  Maybe “it sucked, it was great, it sucked banana’s” either way, its feedback.  Yes in the beginning it was hard to take the bad with the good, but you know what?  The bad along with the good makes me a better writer and believe me I’ve taken a few of the bad things that have been pointed out and revamped my style because of it.  So nothing goes unnoticed and nothing is wasted.

Second: (the reason for the title and my rant) Email.  Email has become the acceptable way to communicate on a wide scale which is fine to a point, but no matter how hard you try, misinterpretation of the words will inevitably get misconstrued or misunderstood, resulting in someone getting hurt, or pissed off and all because assumptions were placed on words written with possibly totally different meanings.  Regardless, I’m gong to say it again, there is nothing like the face to face, or even the phone call — nothing can replace emotions on those two levels.  Seeing someone who has a calm cool demeanor may have a trickle of something in their eyes that give away the true feeling of the moment or maybe someone on the phone is saying one thing but their trembling voice gives away something much different.  As a writer I try to convey emotion for the reader, that is most important, but that’s fiction — in real life, human contact, all emotions whether wanted or not is what makes us human.

Don’t forget that, don’t detach yourself from the real, from the hug, from the cry, from the laugh — don’t detach yourself from the world around you so much that you fear the outside, or a crowded sidewalk, unable to look someone in the eye with a smile or a nod.  Don’t hide behind this computer screen because you’ll most definitely miss the opportunities awaiting you to meet those you were meant to meet and most of all you’ll miss the fun of interaction, making a fool of yourself in a drunken stupor, or… the soft kiss and touch.

Have a great week.