Spring on it’s way

Spring on it’s way

Do you realize that it’s already the middle of April?  Mind you, I’ve heard over and over again from most people that this past winter seemed exceptionally long.  It did too me as well, even though we never really got the first real snow fall, that stayed, until late November.

Oh well, we’re now on the tail end and can look forward to the warmth of the sun, blooming flowers, BBQ and bugs.  All those wonderful things that make up summer

Now, regardless of the length the winter seemed, I, of course, did not get as much done on the third book in the Absolute series as I had hoped.  It’s not that I’m struggling with the plot, its all there, its the fact that, right now, it’s more a puzzle that needs to be put together.  I’m finding myself moving this scene here, that scene there and we all know what happens when you mess with stuff like that; it all has to be bridged somehow, which in turn can take you a totally different direction.  And as is par for the course with Michael and Rose, I’ve written myself into a corner on numerous occasions, finding myself like a trapped wild animal pacing back and forth, getting nowhere.  It also doesn’t help that Michael is being even more evasive in spilling his guts and in turn making my job that much harder, but then again, if he wasn’t like that, I’d worry.  However, I bring you great tidings of joy!  Each and every time thus far, regardless of Michael’s stubbornness, I’ve managed to undo the knots and continue on. 

Have a great week.