Summer’s Promise

Summer’s Promise

Remember when summer vacation lasted a life time?

We spent our summer holidays in BC and one summer in particular stands out.  The one where I met that infamous boy, John, at a dance.  Wow!  So many years ago, yet my heart still flutters when I think about him sitting across from me.  He was drop dead gorgeous.  Yes, the same boy every girl wanted to get her claws into and truth be told, I couldn’t believe  he was interested in me, but he was and to this day Highway to Heaven is our song.  Every time I hear it, it propels me back in time, feeling his arms around me, swaying slowly to the first part and even after the tempo picked up, he never let me go.  A memory that always makes me smile.

We stayed in touch by writing letters (no such thing as computers) for another few months, but slowly, as with summer, it faded into the past.

I was a typical teenager with oodles of self-doubt and no confidence in my looks at all, however, John changed that — it was a summer’s promise that helped me to see myself  differently — I was beautiful to someone. 

Have a great week!